Becoming a successful developer

  1. Create a ticket in Chrome's bugtracker asking for a vertical tab list

  2. Wait 2 years for developers to reply

  3. Have a nice day seeing a "wontfix" (because fuck you that's why) in your mailbox one day

  4. Start writing a Chrome App browser that uses <webview> in a nice handy vertical tree tab GUI

  5. (Google breaks "Back" button)

  6. Get a nice message from your RSS feed that Google decided to get rid of Chrome Apps (because fuck you that's why)

  7. (After 3 years of doing nothing Google lowers priority on a feature request that asks to stop script instead of killing a page if it hanged)

  8. ???????

  9. PROFIT!

I'm unsure if I should port the code to Electron. Google may buy Github and close Electron project. Because fuck you that's why, y'know.

Retards strike back

This time Chrome retards turned off "backspace" as "back" button, totally breaking muscle memory for thousands of users, and replaced it with [left alt] + [left arrow] double-handed keystroke. The recommended solution is to have a third-party spyware addon that eats no less than 8 MiB of memory and asks permissions for all the data on all websites. Previously I've been disappointed by these dumb motherfuckers when they declined to add vertical tabs to Chrome, and more than this, it took them several years to reply. Those idiots tell that they know, what they're doing, yet they're not telling, because who the hell we are and why should they explain it to untermensch. That's not even funny. It seems they followed those dumbasses from Firefox team who broke Tree Style Tab several weeks ago while coercing addon devs to sign extensions.

So, please, if you're one of those people that broke all the decent browsers lately and you're reading this, go fuck yourself.

Нужен дотнет архитектор в Севастополе


  • Architecture and engineering planning within a variety of disciplines (API specifications, DB Schemas, Feature implementation, System Performance);

  • Jump into an existing complex projects and establish a command of the environment;

  • Work both on the tactical and strategic level initiatives.


  • 8+ years experience in the field of software engineering;

  • Expert in C#/ASP/.NET;

  • Expert in various databases and modeling paradigms (SQL Server 2008, Graph);

  • Deep understanding of web architecture including HTTP, caching, REST & microservices;

  • Expert in common software engineering practices; version control, unit tests, continuous integration & automated deployment;

  • Experience developing and interfacing with APIs;

  • Experience architecting software and system infrastructure;

  • Strong understanding of designing secure systems.

Even better if:

  • Frontend experience with Angular, JQuery & Javascript;

  • Windows domain / active directory experience.

Комментарии скрыты.

ES6 is so ES6

Загадка 1: что выводит этот код?
Загадка 2: почему он это выводит?

var i = f();
function* f() {
    console.log(yield 1);

Ох уж этот common sense

Автор утверждает, что распределённый DNS невозможен, потому что люди не могут одновременно договориться, что что-то правильно, и что кеширование всё почему-то ломает.

А вот пример схемы, которую можно реализовать поверх существующих технологий. Мы кладём в блокчейн биткойна подписанные приватным ключом соответствия имён доменов IP адресам и публичный ключ. При поиске имён находим последнюю запись, имеющую такой же приватный ключ, как и первая запись. Трансфер доменов организуется несколько сложнее, с подписью приватным ключом публичного ключа другой стороны. Единственная проблема -- невозможно больше использовать домен, если приватный ключ был утерян. Во избежание запрета на использование целой сети адресов, домены нужно покупать, отчуждая часть средств на кошельке в пользу сети.

Ещё немного деревьев Меркла и прочей оптимизации, и, вуаля, P2P DNS.


def replicateM(n, xs) {
    let res = [];
    for (let i = 0; i < n; ++i) {
        push(res, bind xs);
    wrap res;

print(replicateM(2, [1, 2, 3]);

// [[1, 1], [1, 2], [1, 3],
//  [2, 1], [2, 2], [2, 3],
//  [3, 1], [3, 2], [3, 3]]

How to install React from master

It's just as simple as
git clone
cd react
npm install -g grunt-cli
npm install
grunt build
cd build\packages\react
npm link
cd ..\react-dom
npm link
npm link react
npm link react
npm link react-dom