Специализни шаблонца! (udpn) wrote,
Специализни шаблонца!

Retards strike back

This time Chrome retards turned off "backspace" as "back" button, totally breaking muscle memory for thousands of users, and replaced it with [left alt] + [left arrow] double-handed keystroke. The recommended solution is to have a third-party spyware addon that eats no less than 8 MiB of memory and asks permissions for all the data on all websites. Previously I've been disappointed by these dumb motherfuckers when they declined to add vertical tabs to Chrome, and more than this, it took them several years to reply. Those idiots tell that they know, what they're doing, yet they're not telling, because who the hell we are and why should they explain it to untermensch. That's not even funny. It seems they followed those dumbasses from Firefox team who broke Tree Style Tab several weeks ago while coercing addon devs to sign extensions.

So, please, if you're one of those people that broke all the decent browsers lately and you're reading this, go fuck yourself.
Tags: feedback, hate speech
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