August 25th, 2016


Becoming a successful developer

  1. Create a ticket in Chrome's bugtracker asking for a vertical tab list

  2. Wait 2 years for developers to reply

  3. Have a nice day seeing a "wontfix" (because fuck you that's why) in your mailbox one day

  4. Start writing a Chrome App browser that uses <webview> in a nice handy vertical tree tab GUI

  5. (Google breaks "Back" button)

  6. Get a nice message from your RSS feed that Google decided to get rid of Chrome Apps (because fuck you that's why)

  7. (After 3 years of doing nothing Google lowers priority on a feature request that asks to stop script instead of killing a page if it hanged)

  8. ???????

  9. PROFIT!

I'm unsure if I should port the code to Electron. Google may buy Github and close Electron project. Because fuck you that's why, y'know.